Thursday, July 6, 2017

How to choose a splitting maul

I am here to discuss how to choose a splitting maul. A splitting maul is a large wedge headed wood chopping axe. It is designed to chop wood designed to split up wood efficiently. The tool uses its large weight and momentum to crush wood fibres by splitting logs along the grain. When choosing a splitting a maul, there are several points to consider. There are a lot of outstanding axes, so it can be a tough decision. This is why i have put together a list you will find helpful.

Four Points To Consider When Choosing a Splitting Maul

  • The Handle
When choosing a maul, you should consider what type of handle is on the instrument. Although you might prefer a wooden handle, synthetic materials such as fibre glass/steel combo handles are a better choice. This is because they are designed to reduce shock and are more resilient than wood handles. It is also preferable to purchase mauls with synthetic handles as they are reinforced with steel. 
This makes for a heavier wedge that can deliver more force. You should also look out for handles with insulated edges as this reduce the effect of the force on your hands when splitting. A maul with a handle with an overstrike collar is also worth considering. The overstrike collar is wrapped around the handle directly below the blade. It protects the handle from damage.
  • The Head and Blade
The best mauls usually have a large heavy wedge shaped head. The head can be sharp or blunt. The weight of the head is important as this determines how much force it can exert when spitting. Generally, the weight of the head should be between 5-8 pounds. Anything heavier than this will cause the user to tire out too quickly. 
Lighter than this and it won’t exert enough force to get the job done. For the blade, the best mauls have blades made with heat-treated forged steel and finished with a rust resistant coat. You should also opt for a maul with a sheath included to protect the head from damage when stored. In addition, it is best to opt for a hand crafted blade as they are of superior quality.  

  • The Cost
After identifying the desirable features in a maul, you must decide how much you are willing to spend. If you are on a budget, there are several very effective powerful wedges. One of the most affordable options is the Fiskas. 

  • The Nature of your work
You need to determine whether you are planning on splitting only a few logs or more extensive projects. This will determine your choice of tool. There are brands designed for lighter and heavier work respectively. 
I hope these points would be helpful to anyone wondering how to choose a best splitting maul.
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