Thursday, July 6, 2017

How to choose a splitting maul

I am here to discuss how to choose a splitting maul. A splitting maul is a large wedge headed wood chopping axe. It is designed to chop wood designed to split up wood efficiently. The tool uses its large weight and momentum to crush wood fibres by splitting logs along the grain. When choosing a splitting a maul, there are several points to consider. There are a lot of outstanding axes, so it can be a tough decision. This is why i have put together a list you will find helpful.

How to replace splitting maul handle

A wooden handle splitting maul replacement is necessary in case it cracks and break, mostly when it is dry. A cracked maul may cause injuries when it breaks if one is using it. Therefore splitting maul handle replacement is done with another wooden handle or with a fiberglass handle.
Preparation to splitting maul handle replacement
Initially, cut off the extra wooden handle length using a hand saw. Leave about a quarter inch on the bottom of the head of splitting maul before you cut.
When the handle is already cut, open up the vise grips so that the opening is wider than the width of the handle. 
Then drill a number of ¼-inch diameter holes on the wood that is wedged in the maul. The holes help to relieve pressure from the wedges that push the wood against the head of the maul.
While holding a chisel in the middle of the wood, tap it using a hammer in order to press off the cut handle off the head of the maul. 
Finally, displace the head of the maul from the vise and clean the maul hole handle to remove any grime and greases. A clean surface ensures that the handle holds more firmly to the head of the maul.

Monday, July 3, 2017


A splitting maul is also know as a block splitter, block buster, go-devil or sledge axe(this is because one side of its head is like a sledge hammer and the other side is like an axe). You may wonder what benefits can you get when you use a splitting maul;- First for those who aren't able to exercise their bodies as they want. Using a splitting maul gets you the exercise you need to get rid of those calories. -Second, when you use chainsaws or other splitting machines they do breakdown. A splitting maul however doesn't fail so easily. -Third, for those nature lovers and those out of touch with nature, a splitting maul keeps you in touch with nature, since you aren't using machines.
Like any other tools you might use you need to use caution. First, check to see if there is a crack in the wood since cracks in wood make it easier to split wood. Second, if there's a knot split the wood on the opposite side of the knot where there isn't a knot. Lastly, split the wood as soon as you fell the trees since smaller pieces of wood dry much faster.

Firstly, cut the firewood at the end of each piece flat and square, so the piece of wood is stable when placed on the chopping board or stamp. The stamp shouldn't be to tall or to short , a glancing blow will critically hurt you

Splitting Wood Using a Maul

There are different uses of wood just as there are different types of trees. Trees are useful for firewood and others are used for carpentry to make various kinds of furniture. To put trees into a useful form, they need to be cut and sliced into different kinds of different sizes and shapes of woods. Different tools are used for cutting and shaping the wood one of them being the maul. Below is the procedure of cutting wood using a maul.

Step 1. Use a maul or splitting wedge to split hardwood.
A splitting maul is basically a thicker, more wedge-molded hatchet made for separating wood along the grain, with a limit sledge-pound edge on the back of the part sharp edge. These are regularly moderately heavier than a hatchet, usually by a few pounds, and the heaviness of the batter makes the occupation less demanding.